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Ultima Recruitment confirms to its Clients that it is acting as a consultancy for the purpose of the introduction of Applicants, in its capacity as an Employment Agency (in accordance with the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 - as amended from time to time). 

Scope of this agreement

These terms and conditions shall apply to any business that enters an agreement for the services of Ultima Recruitment.


The Placement

  • Ultima shall use reasonable skill and care in the sourcing and introduction of candidates to the client.

  • The Client shall provide Ultima Recruitment with details of the particular Placement, including the anticipated Salary Package, job description and any other information reasonably necessary to enable Ultima Recruitment to assess the suitability of a Candidate for that Placement. 

  • Insofar as a Candidate or a third party provides details (whether in the form of academic or professional qualifications, professional background, experience or the like) relating to the Candidate, Ultima Recruitment provides no warranty or representation as to the accuracy of such information and Ultima Recruitment  will not be liable to the Client for any loss (including direct loss, indirect or consequential loss, loss of profit, loss of anticipated revenue, loss of reputation or regulatory fines) or damage, nor shall Ultima Recruitment bear any responsibility for any Client legal costs and expenses associated with such matters, whether arising directly or indirectly, as a result of such inaccurate or misleading information and the Client acknowledges that it is their sole responsibility and obligation to undertake its own investigations to verify any information provided in respect of that Candidate and ensure that the same is accurate and correct. 

  • Where the Client has instructed Ultima Recruitment to approach a particular Candidate on the Client’s behalf, the Client shall indemnify and keep Ultima Recruitment indemnified against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and direct losses and all interest, penalties and reasonable legal and professional costs and expenses suffered or incurred by Ultima Recruitment as a result of claims made against Ultima Recruitment in connection with such instruction provided that Ultima Recruitment has complied with its obligation to use reasonable skill and care and has not acted negligently or illegally in such regard. 

  • Unless otherwise notified to the contrary by the Client in writing to Ultima Recruitment, the Client hereby provides Ultima Recruitment with consent to use and reproduce the Client’s name, logo and trademarks within advertising for the placement.

  • RW shall not be responsible for arranging work permits, insurance or other incidental requirements of employment for the Candidate. 


  • The Placement Fees for permanent Placements shall be calculated as a percentage of the yearly salary of the Candidate. This percentage shall be agreed in writing (including email) or verbally (then confirmed by email). In the absence of an agreement, where a placement is accepted by a candidate, Ultima Recruitment are entitled to charge placement fees calculated on the fee schedule. 

  • The client agrees:

    • To notify Ultima Recruitment immediately of any offer to a candidate.

    • To notify Ultima Recruitment immediately if any offer is accepted by a candidate.  


  • The client shall pay all Ultima Recruitment invoices in full, within 21 days of the date on the invoice. 

  • Unless otherwise agreed, the placement fees shall be invoiced once the candidate has accepted the offer from the client.

  • The client is deemed to have accepted the invoice if no dispute is raised within seven days of the date on the invoice.

  • Any third-party costs and/or expenses (including legal fees and other professional fees) incurred by RW in recovering amounts overdue pursuant to these Terms and Conditions shall be payable by the Client. 

Additional circumstances where placement fees will be due

  • The client shall pay a placement fee where:

  • Although no placement occurs initially, a candidate accepts an offer of employment from the client within 12 months of the final communication (the latest date on which two parties communicated in respect of a candidate).

Rebate Protection Period

  • Ultima Recruitment will offer a partial refund should the candidate terminate their employment within a 12-week time frame, from the job start date.

  • The percentage of the fee returned are as follows:

    • 0-4 Weeks = 50% of the fee

    • 5-8 Weeks = 35% of the fee

    • 9-12 Weeks = 15% of the fee

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